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Targeted Intervention Programs

  • Objective of Targeted Intervention: Intensifying and Consolidating Prevention services with a focus on HRG and vulnerable populations

    This component will support the scaling up of TIs with the aim of reaching out to the hard to reach population groups who do not yet access and use the prevention services of the program, and saturate coverage among the HRGs. In addition, this component will support the bridge population, i.e. migrants and truckers. Component 1 includes the following two subcomponents:

    1.1 Scaling up coverage of TIs among HRG

    The interventions under this sub-component will include:

    • The provision of behavior change interventions to increase safe practices, testing and counseling, and adherence to treatment, and demand for other services;
    • The promotion and provision of condoms to HRG to promote their use in each sexual encounter;
    • Provision or referral for STI services including counseling at service provision centers to increase compliance of patients with treatment, risk reduction counseling with focus on partner referral and management
    • needle and syringe exchange for IDUs as well as scaling up of Opioid Substitution Therapy (OST) provision. This sub-component also includes the financing of operating costs for about 25 State Training Resource Centers as well as participant training costs over a period of 5 years.

    1.2 Scaling up of interventions among other vulnerable populations

    The activities under this subcomponent will include: (i) risk assessment and size estimation of migrant population groups and truckers at transit points and at workplaces; (ii) behavior change communications (BCC) for creating awareness about risk and vulnerability, prevention methods, availability and location of services, increase safe behavior and demand for services as well as reduce stigma;(iii) promotion and provisioning of condoms through different channels including social marketing; (iv) development of linkages with local institutions, both public and NGO owned, for testing, counseling and STI treatment services;(v) creation of “peer support groups” and “safe spaces” for migrants at destination; (vi) establishment of need-based and gender-sensitive services for partners of IDUs; and(vii) strengthening networks of vulnerable populations with enhanced linkages to service centers and risk reduction interventions, specifically condom use.

    Targeted Intervention Programs
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