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Government Of Assam Health & Family Welfare Assam State AIDS Control Society

Treatment & Services

(Enumeration of services delivered by the department) We deliver the following services

  • Services under Prevention:

a) Targeted Intervention (TI) Projects:

Targeted Intervention Projects are implemented through NGOs, which are contracted for reaching out to the High Risk Groups (HRGs) i.e. female sex worker (FSW), men having sex with men (MSM), injecting drug users (IDU) and the Bridge Population i.e. migrants and truckers who have not access and use the preventive services of the programme. At the TI set up, they are provided access to free condom, HIV Counseling and Testing, Screening and treatment of STIs, etc. At present 54 TI Projects are functioning in the state.

Opioid Substitute Therapy (OST) programme:

Under this programme, the injecting drug users (IDUs) are provided with oral drug, Buprenorphine as a substitute of Injecting Drugs so that HIV transmission can be reduced. At present, 2 OST Centres are functioning in the state.

b) Information, Education & Communication (IEC) and Mainstreaming services:

This activities under the division includes the behaviour change communication strategies for HRGs, vulnerable groups and hard to reach populations and to create awareness among general population, particularly women and youth. Mainstreaming with various departments is also done under these activities. Red Ribbon Clubs (RRC) are formed in different Colleges and Universities to create awareness on HIV/AIDS and Voluntary Blood Donation among the youth and students. Under Adolescence Education Programme (AEP), Schools/colleges are covered for HIV/AIDS Education among the school/college students.

c) Integrated Counselling and testing Services:

Under these services, Integrated Counseling and Testing Centres (ICTC) are established where a person is counselled and tested for HIV free of cost on his/her own freewill or as advised by a medical provider. These centers can be entry points for linking the diagnosed people to HIV Care services. At present 275 ICTCs are functioning in the state where general clients and pregnant women are counseled and tested for HIV.

d) Treatment for Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI):

Under this services, Designated Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI)/Reproductive Tract Infections (RTI) Clinics (DSRC) are established in Govt. Medical Colleges and Civil Hospitals where free treatment are provided to the patients with as early diagnosis and effective treatment of STI/RTI can significantly reduce the transmission of HIV. Also STD patients are more vulnerable to acquire or transmit HIV infection. NGO set up TI Projects are also provided STI services to the HRGs. At present 28 DSRCs are functioning in the state.

One Regional STI Reference & Research Centre is also functioning in the state to ensure the quality of STI testing at DSRC level of the North Eastern states and one State STI Reference Centre is functioning for the state level quality assurance of STI testing.

e) Blood Transfusion Services (BTS):

Under this service, to strengthen the Govt. Blood Banks in the state, some necessary equipment along with Kits/ Consumables are provided and the Blood Banks staffs are trained so that the safe blood and blood products at a reasonable cost can be accessed to all, adequate to meet the needs of all patients and transfused only when necessary. At present 26 NACO supported Blood Banks and 40 Private Blood Banks are functioning in the state.

f) Laboratory Services

This service ensures about the quality of the various testing facilities especially in ICTCs through the State Reference Laboratories (SRL) in the state. At present 3 SRLs are functioning the Medical Colleges of the state.

  • Services under Care Support and Treatment

a) Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) programme

To implement the Antiretroviral Therapy programme, ART Centres are established where eligible persons with HIV/AIDS requiring ART are identified through laboratory services (HIV testing, CD4 Count and other required investigations) and provide free ARV drugs to eligible persons with HIV/AIDS continuously by counselling before and during treatment for ensuring drug adherence. AT present 6 ART Centres (including 2 ART Plus Centres and 1 FIART Centre) and 11 Link ART Centres (2 Link ART Plus Centres) are functioning in the state. For CD4 Count of the ART registered patients, 4 (four) CD4 testing centres are functioning in the 4 Medical Colleges of the state.

b) Care and Support Centre (CSC)

Under this service, Care and Support Centre are established to provide care and support services to the persons infected and affected with HIV/AIDS. At present 4 CSCs are functioning in the state in NGO set up. Besides above, Assam State AIDS Control Society is also implementing some Social Protection Schemes for the benefit of the people living with HIV under Govt. of Assam fund as follows:

i) Child Care Home: Govt. of Assam has provided fund to ANP+ to run a Child Care Home named as Kasturi Child Care Home for the orphanage due to HIV in the state. At present 16 children are residing in Kasturi Child Care Home.

ii) One time ex gratia grant to Widows: One time ex gratia grant of Rs. 1.00 lakhs are provided by Govt. of Assam to the widows affected and infected by HIV. At present 290 widows have received the grant.

iii) Reimbursement of Transportation & Lab Investigation Cost: The cost of Transportation & Laboratory Investigation of the patients coming to ART Centres is reimbursed by the ART Centre from the state Govt fund.

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