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Safe Blood

Some Facts On safe Blood

  What is safe blood?

Safe blood when given is expected to benefit a patient without causing any adverse effects. It should be free from any infectious agents which can be transmitted through it like - HIV, Hepatitis viruses and agents causing syphillis.

  Why do we need safe blood?

We need safe blood to save lives. Blood is used to replace blood loss during accidents, delivery, and surgery, specific components in blood are also separated and used to replace specific component deficiency in various diseases.

    How can we ensure that blood is safe?    

   There are various steps taken to ensure optimum safety of blood. These consist of: 

  • Proper selection of blood donors
  • Laboratory testing for HIV, HCV and Syphilis
  • Pre-transfusion testing procedures

    What role do donors play in providing safe blood?

Blood donors play a pivotal role in providing safe blood. Blood donors who are voluntary and non remunerated and regular are the most safe.

    Why are voluntary donors more safe?

Voluntary donors are safe because they donate blood out of pure altruism and humanitarian consideration. They do not expect any reward for their donations. They do not have anything to hide as far as their medical status is concerned.


  • I do not have HIV/AIDS.
  • I am not and have never been an intravenous drug user.
  • I have not had sex with a person who is HIV positive in the past 12 months.
  • I do not have casual or multiple sex partners.
  • I am not engaged in sexual activity with a person of the same sex.

Therefore, I believe that my blood is safe for transfusion and can save a life.