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Government Of Assam Health & Family Welfare Assam State AIDS Control Society

HIV-TB Collaborative Activities in Assam

Revised National TB Control Programme controlled by Central TB Division (CTD) and National AIDS Control Organization is actively implementing all activities related to early detection, Treatment and Prevention of Transmission of both TB and HIV so that affected persons can lead a quality life. Assam State AIDS Control Society in collaboration with State TB Cell jointly working on improvement of services as per the national guidelines like offering routine HIV testing to all presumptive and diagnosed TB cases, partners of known HIV positive TB patients, decentralization of HIV testing facilities, multi-tasking by all levels personnel so that patients can be benefited.

As per the program all clients who come to ICTC for HIV testing services will be screened for presence of any symptoms of TB like:

  • Persistent cough for more than 2 weeks,
  • Evening rise of temperature,
  • Sweating at night
  • Significant weight loss (> 5% weight loss over last 3 months)
  • Presence of Blood in sputum any time during last 6 months
  • Chest pain in last one month
  • History of Anti-TB Treatment (Previous/Current) etc

If these symptoms are observed combination with two or more will be immediately linked to TB facilities for Sputum testing. All related TB testing and treatments are providing free of cost.

Likewise all TB cases should be tested for HIV at any Stand Alone ICTC or Screening Facilities like FICTC/PPP ICTC etc which is provided free of cost by Assam State AIDS Control Society through these centres. If anyone detected HIV positive has to put on ART as early as possible. The person detected with both HIV and TB is said as co-infected and S/He should get both the treatment simultaneously. Because HIV infected individuals are more prone to have TB infection as it is the most common opportunistic infection.

There are about 240 facilities at Medical College Hospital/District Hospital/Sub-Divisional Civil Hospital/FRU/CHC/PHC/MPHC/SHC providing HIV Testing/Screening facilities to the beneficiaries. Likewise Sputum testing to detect TB is provided through 350 numbers of Designated Microscopic Centres in the State. These facilities are sometime collocated and sometime located single. So people should try to get information about availability of these service facilities from Health Care Providers like ANM/ ASHA etc.

To monitor the ongoing HIV-TB Collaborative program District TB Officer (DTO) is responsible. He use to review the activities quarterly at District Co ordination committee Meeting where all MOTC, SA ICTC counsellors, STS, STLS use to discussed openly with their data and achievement and difficulties at the time of implementation on that platform. Every month the counsellors and STLS have to share their data to ensure that all cases are linked to respective services as per the necessity.

Assam is gradually improving in the necessary indicator, but yet to increase awareness about it.